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Friday, May 13, 2011

classic stila products used outside the box!

i like to find new and unexpected ways to use my makeup. makeup is meant to be experimented with! here are some of the tricks i have found over the years.

prime pot waterproof eye shadow primer in caramel
intended use: an eye shadow primer

out of the box uses: use as a "mattifier" to lip color. backstage at jenni kayne spring 2011, i needed a pale lip. i mixed prime pot and camellia convertible color to create the perfect lip. it was flawless and took the shine out instantly.

you can also use prime pot as an under eye concealer.

smudge pot in brown
intended use: a long wearing gel based liner/shadow

out of the box uses: backstage at lela rose fall 2011 runway show, I created the perfect "vintage merlot" lip color by mixing brown smudge pot and daring long wear lip color. the look was classic and sexy.

it can also be used in the eye brows to deepen the shade and enhance the shape of brows. use a thin small brush and gently stroke little hairs in the direction of natural brow growth.

kajal eye liner in topaz
intended use: a fleshtone eye pencil created to line inside the eyes to create "wake up you makeup" effect

out of the box uses: mix topaz with in the nude long wear lip color to create the perfect matte, nude, editorial makeup lip color. I do this often to adjust the color and turn any lip color into a full coverage lip stick. if you have dark circle under your eyes, you can also gently mix in a little topaz into a sheer concealer and let the peach undertone in topaz brighten and lift the darkness away.

perfecting concealer
intended use: an oil-free full coverage concealer

out of the box uses: i went to paris for fashion week and i did not want to lug my heavy kit, so i edited my kit and packed a full range of perfecting concealer and stila’s hydrating primer. i created my own formula of foundation backstage by mixing equal parts of each, which creates a satin and smooth foundation. by adding a bit of stila’s all over shimmer liquid luminizer to my mix, i would create a luminous and glossy foundation. i love this trick and many of my clients love the versatility of perfecting concealer.


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