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Thursday, September 22, 2011


mode cat eye - backstage Alice + Olivia 2012 

what you'll need:
stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner in black

liquid liner and several coats of black mascara always seem to be on trend, the reason is because this look can be flattering on every eye shape. the key element is placement of your product!
bombshells today are pulling off this look fabulously by relying on products like stila's stay all day liquid liner in black and wearing it with sparkle waterproof liquid liner in a bright color such as bora bora a beautiful turquoise.

you have to commit to a feature and maximize it. the cat eye in black will define eyes and look sophisticated. i loved how the sparkle liner looks as an eye shadow, so i painted it on lids with a concealer brush. stila #26 brush is the ideal size for this trick. you can sweep off as much pigment from the sponge soaked liner wand and paint your eyelids. two coats for opaque color like i did backstage at alice & olivia.

tip & trick:
if you are doing your own makeup, a great tip to try when applying liquid liner is to apply your mascara first to determine eye shape. then create the cat eye liner, you will have an easier time creating the “flare” and flip at the end. to recreate the white liner look, stick to a pencil and set it with moonlight, a white metallic shadow. this combo looks like acrylic paint patent shine! apply full strip of lashes and keep rest of your makeup clean and polished.

mode cat eye - bacstage Alice + Olivia 2012 

what you'll need:
custom color blush in coral

there is nothing softer and more romantic than pretty cheeks and doe eyes.  recreate this look with stila's custom color blush  self adjusting coral. if you tend to over do it with bronzer, simply pop a bit of coral blush on top and you will balance it all out and remain gorgeous. this blush takes the effort out of finding the perfect shade because it looks amazing on all skin tones. it has a soft rose gold shimmer built in to add radiance and allow your to blend easily. 

bright glossy pink was the showstopper at betsey johnson. if you can't see it from the back row, it's not bright enough! i love mixing lipsticks to create the perfect shade, mix exhilarating and outrageous long wear lip color to create a "neon" lip, then apply loads of sheer gloss in pink on top, silk shimmer gloss in kitten is ideal for adding mega shine to any lip color you chose. try mixing stila long wear liquid lip color in petal and caprice for a new "mod" pink lip! leave lips matte for day and add shine at night for more glamour. 

lashes, lashes, and more lashes! if you have ever been backstage with me, you have probably heard me say "more mascara"!!! i use a fan mascara brush to cake on layers of mascara when i need to glam up quickly. stila made a mascara fan brush years ago and i always seem to have it handy backstage. we don't sell the brush but i have a few stashed away for the next sarah's tips & tricks giveaway!
 add 2 coats of glamoureyes mascara to your lashes.  coat more in the center to create a doe-eyed look. this formula is glossy and juicy so you can layer as many coats as you desire and never have to worry about cakey and clumpy mascara.

tip & trick:
focus on sculpting and shaping your features by using neutral matte medium tone around the lash line and in crease. softly shape cheekbones with powder bronzer, this will enhance your natural beauty...and will turn on the glam factor.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sarah’s guide to lining your eyes

Quality: High Performance

using the right product is important. the liquid liner you have should be a quick-dry formula and waterproof, so smudges are less likely, and it should have a thin tip that tapers slightly at the end, similar to a fine point sharpie marker. The color should be rich, inky, and very intense. if the product comes out looking like watercolor, it's time to go makeup shopping!

Maximize your eyes

if your eyes are close together, leave the inner corner bare and brighten lids with a beige shimmer shadow . extend the line at the outer corners and finishing just beyond the edge of the lash line, lift up and angle tip of liquid liner towards the temple. the farther out, the more dramatic the look.
for eyes that are wide-set, the opposite holds true. line the eyes all the way to the inner corner and don't extend the line at the outer corners too far.

Now lets get into the looks!

Bombshell Bardot Beauty: bold dark liner  

what you'll need:
stingray smudge stick, onyx kajal pencil, glamoureyes mascara, dune eyeshadow, topaz kajal pencil

• Apply a neutral matte eyeshadow on your lids to create a clean canvas

• Draw the cat eye. This is the most essential part of Bardot inspired beauty. Apply a thin line of black liquid liner beginning from the inside of your eye all along your upper lash line. Make sure you're closest to the lash line as possible. When you reach the corner of your eye, bring the eyeliner tip upwards as you extend pass the edge of the eye. Be sure to taper the line at the end, thinning the line out as it reaches its end point. you can go over the line a couple times to thicken the line or add a stronger angle.

• Use a pencil to line your lower lids. A pencil is easier to apply when you want to line your lower rims. Draw the liner from the inside to the edge of your lower rims. Kajal Pencil in Onyx is ideal to line inside the waterline and trace the lower lash line. It adds a sultry "worn in" effect to add to your bombshell beauty look. to make eyes appear larger, try lining inside with a flesh tone pencil like Stila Kajal liner in topaz.

• Apply several coats of black mascara. This will help further emphasize your cat eye. Focus layering mascara on the top lash line. if you wear false lashes, apply mascara over your false lashes. i prefer to use Stila Glamoureyes Mascara. It creates the look of false lashes but without the fuss

Classic Cat Eye

what you'll need:
black smudge pot, major major lash mascara, #20 brush, kitten shadow  

• The contrast with dark eyes and feminine clothing  is strong. There was so much variety when it came to makeup at NYC fashion  week. one of my favorite trends was bold, sultry, saturated dark eyes.

• Stila smudge pot is ideal for this look because it is a long wearing  liner and shadow in one. The formula is gel based which means the texture  will glide on effortlessly and allows you to achieve a glamorous, sultry  smudged look.

• All you need is a double sided brush from Stila like #20 to  create this trend look on yourself and your client. For a softer effect  try wearing Bronze smudge pot to add drama to your everyday  beach bronze look.

On the Edge Cat Eye

what you'll need:
stay all day waterproof liquid liner, forever your curl mascara, stingray smudge stick, prime pot taffy

• when balanced with an otherwise neutral face, black winged liner looks artsy and edgy. create a smooth, opaque base on lids with prime pot

• first use black pencil to draw the winged shape, so you can easily clean up mistakes and make the line look exactly how you want it to

• then trace over the pencil with your stay all day liquid liner to add a patent leather finish as a liner top coat

• layer several coats of black mascara on top and bottom lashes